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Buy corals on-line with complete confidence as we stand behind everything that we sell and ship with a 48 hour arrive alive guarantee.

All of our corals are WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) which means that you are ordering the exact specimen pictured.

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ReefCorner has a complete line of coral propagation and shipping supplies

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We value repeat business. When you spend $1,000 dollars ($1K) on livestock over time you will receive a permanent 5% discount on anything and everything you buy from us in the future including items already on sale, and shipping costs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Everything arrived safe and sound, and looks really, really, really great! I like how you are doing this: awesome colors, giant frags (colonies), great prices.
    M.K. CT
  • The coral came safe and sound and they are beautiful. Your coral pieces blow the doors off other I have purchased in the past.
    J.P. NY
  • I have to say I am very impressed and pleased . I have never received and order packed so professionally and detailed . I have been doing this a long time but I never received an order packaged so perfectly and just in case you forgot what you ordered you have pictures and names !
    M.W. PA
  • Nice to see someone selling nice sized colonies at a reasonable price
    P.B. New York
  • Just wanted to let you know I picked up the corals this morning and everything looks awesome! All the frags are showing really nice extension.
    S.S. OH
  • Your coral pieces are beautiful.
    J.P. New York
  • Everything looked very nice and healthy.

    I also must say that your pics certainly gave perfect renditions of what i would be getting. I think i chose good ones that fit well in my scheme. They are all very attractive and top notch….
    A. D. North Carolina
  • I was very pleased with your communication and professionalism. I was even more impressed with the quality of packaging and the amount of water shipped. All of the corals showed up in great shape. They are really beautiful pieces. I can tell they are very well cared for. I will definitely be ordering again from Reef Corner. I have made three orders recently from different companies. I have been more impressed with this one by a long shot!
    C.C. UT
  • I could not be happier with my order!! Everything was excellent. The pieces and packaging FAR exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be back. Thank you so much!
    T.K. - Kansas
  • Received my new tank friends this morning (corals) and I have to say great job!!! They are beautiful and amazing!! Thank you for packing them so good.I look forward to ordering again!
    L.L. - KY
  • The order arrived on time yesterday and as usual was very well packaged. Thank you.

    Everything acclimated well and looks great this morning. Thank you for the excellent specimens. That red maricultured colony is really red. Can't wait to see what it does.
    A.S. - Indiana
  • Acros arrived perfect. Excellent quality as always!
    A.L. - CA
  • Just wanted to say thanks. Everything arrived happy and looking great. Great looking livestock, and most professional packing setup I've seen from anyone.
    J.B. - MS
  • I wanted to add that I have ordered A LOT of coral online over the years, and your packaging and customer care was superb. Nice thick styro, floats on the plugs, a photo packing list, and coral glue to boot. All very appreciated.

    I was happy to find someone with such nice frags reasonably priced and relatively nearby, and my first experience with you clinches it: You have a repeat customer in me!
    J.D. - WA

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