Seriatopora hystrix – Birdsnest Coral

by / Monday, 30 March 2015 / Published in ReefCorner Ramblings

Today’s entry explores one of my wife’s favorite corals – the Seriatopora hystrix, better known as the Birdsnest coral.  Perhaps it is because it is typically a girly pink color or perhaps it is the needle like sharp branches that catches her fancy, who knows.

Fact is, it is also one of my own favorite corals as well.  Not only is it an attractive coral as well as unique looking, it is also one of the more hardy of the SPS corals.  It will survive and keep its color in less than ideal conditions making it a great starter coral for new hobbyists getting into SPS corals.  It is also a fast grower, easy to propagate and popular in the hobby.  All of which makes it a good seller for us.

The Seriatopora genus has several species that are found in the hobby including caliendrum and guttatus, but it is the hystrix that most people think of when they think of Birdsnest coral and it is the only one that has both sharp needle like branches as well as polyps that are arranged in nice straight rows.

For more information on this popular coral, check out our database entry

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