Decorated Goby: Istigobius decoratus


Phylum: Class: Order: Family: Genus: Species:
Chordata Actinopterygii Perciformes Gobiidae Istigobius I. decoratus

Common Names: Decorated Goby

Scientific Name:  Istigobius decoratus

 The Decorated Goby is a subtly attractive fish with a pattern of small black and orange spots over its body. A row of larger black spots along its lateral line help to identify it.   There are only minor differences between the sexes.

Natural Environment:
Comes from reefs in the Indo-West Pacific where it is common in shallow water depths, though they have been found at depths up to 55 feet with water temperatures in the 74-84°F range.

Reef Tank Suitability: 

These fish are an excellent reef inhabitant.  They stay on the substrate, though they will swim up into the water column to feed.  They are a light sand sifter which helps to keep the sand bed clean, but not so much that they bury other inhabitants like many sand sifters can.  They will tend to deplete the sand bed of microfauna as does any sand sifter fish.

Their small size, willingness to take prepared foods and disposition make them suitable for small reef tanks.

Completely non-aggressive and unbothered by other fish, except its own kind.  Only one should be kept per tank unless the tank is large.  They are very inquisitive and seem to have more personality than most gobies

Decorator Gobies get some of their nutritional requirements from sifting through the sand for microfauna, but unlike some other sand sifting gobies the Decorated Goby will readily take almost any meaty foods that are offered and will compete with the other fish for their share including swimming up in the water column.

Very hardy.

Does well within normal reef tank temperature ranges of approximately 74-84°F.

Decorator Gobies can get up to about 5″ in length.

Decorator Gobies are not captive breed at this time.

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