Xenia sp – Pulsating Xenia Frag

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This is an RC aquacultured frag of  pulsating Xenia.  The coral pulses its tentacles vigorously in an attractive display of movement.  Color is a light silver/tan to pink.
This item is not WYSIWYG.  The picture shows a typical frag plug which will have a minimum of 2 polyps and generally more.
See video below to view the coral in motion.

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Product Description

Category:  Misc Livestock
Common Name:
  Pulsating Xenia
Scientific Name:  Xenia sp.
Specimen Size:  Large with 2 or more polyps attached to a large reef plug or reef disk.
Origination: RC Aquacultured Frag
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Xenia is the only coral that exhibit a rhythmic pulsing of their tentacles.  This creates a beautiful and fascinating movement in the tank.

Some people find Xenia difficult to keep and others find that it grows alarmingly fast and can become somewhat of a weed in the tank.

Xenia like moderate to bright lighting and moderate to fairly strong water flow.

Many think that iodine additions are essential to their growth, but we have never found that to be true and these are all grown with no iodine supplementation in the tanks that they are kept in.

Xenia primarily spreads by the stems making contact with a surface which it adheres to and starts a new area of growth.  In this fashion, they can inch their way across most surfaces including the glass of the aquarium.  They can be quite attractive if they form a pulsating wall on the back or side of the tank walls.

Because they can grow and spread fairly rapidly under good conditions, their growth should be monitored and occasional pruning may be required to keep them under control.  The pruning is easily done if the coral is growing on the glass

Feeding is not required.  It is believed that they absorb nutrients from the water.

WYSIWYG This item is not WYSIWYG due to rapid growth and constant change
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Quick Care Notes

ReefCorner Living Conditions for this specimen:

Lighting:  ReefCorner LED Lighting 10-hr / day.
PAR: 200-250
Water Flow: Moderate
Food:  N/A
Temperature: 77 - 80
Specific Gravity:  1.025 - 1.026
Alkalinity: 9-10 dKH
Calcium:  450-460ppm
Magnesium: 1320-1400ppm
pH: 8.15 - 8.35
Nitrates, Phosphates, Silicates = 0

General Care Requirements:

Care Level: Easy to moderate.
Lighting:  Moderate to strong
Waterflow:  Moderate to fairly strong
Placement: On rock work
Feeding: Not required
Aggressiveness: Low, but will slowly spread and encroach on close neighbors.

For more care information, go to our Reef Database Entry