ReefCorner Gift Card

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Perfect gift for the reefkeeper in your life!
We know how particular reef enthusiasts can be, and with a ReefCorner electronic Gift Card, you set the amount, pay for the card, and the lucky recipient can use the Gift Card for any ReefCorner product(s) they want.
Here’s how you do it:
  1. Enter the amount you want for the gift card.
  2.  If you want the electronic gift card to be e-mailed directly to the recipient,
    • Fill in the”To” section below with the recipients name, and
    • Enter the email address to have it sent to in the “Email to send electronic gift card” area below.
    • In the “Note” section below, you can type a personal message that will be added to the emailed electronic Gift Card the recipient will receive.
  3. If you want the electronic gift card to be sent to a you, or other email address, enter that email address in the “Email to send electronic gift card” area below.

Product Description

How It Works
More details:

  • This is an electronic gift card that will be delivered via email.  No physical gift card will be sent.
  • Electronic Gift Card email will be sent to designated recipient, after order processed and reviewed
    (depending on time of order placement, this can be between 15 minutes to several hours – no more than 12 hours)
  • Gift Cards can be applied to any charge on a order.
  • Gift Cards can be set to have any value you wish.
  • You can personalize your gift card with a custom message, by following the instructions above.
  • Gift Cards do not expire.
  • There are no service fees assocaited with the Gift Cards.
  • Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash.  Any items that may require refund, will be applied as an in-store credit.
  • To redeem the gift card, the recipient will need to enter the gift card number in the Gift Card section of the cart, during checkout.
  • Any un-used amount will remain available to apply against future purchases.



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