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Captive Reef LED Lighting

ReefCorner has a complete line of LED lighting for your reef tank.

Our 19W PAR38 lights are available in Reef and Refugium versions.

Our 90W full spectrum compact reef light is available with auto dimming capability and flexible hanging or on-tank mounting options.

Our 120W full spectrum reef lights are available in manually dimmable or auto dimming versions . Each 120W light will illuminate up to 24" of tank length.

ReefCorner Alive

Buy corals on-line with complete confidence as we stand behind everything that we sell and ship with a 48 hour arrive alive guarantee.

All of our corals are WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) which means that you are ordering the exact specimen pictured. If you see something in our store, it is in stock and available for immediate sale. We don't keep a bunch of 'out-of stock' photos on our website to make it look like we have more inventory than we actually do.

Join the 1K Club! We value repeat business. Spend $1,000 dollars on livestock over time and you receive 5% off anything and everything you buy from us in the future including LED lights, livestock, shipping costs, items already on sale, etc. You don't need to keep re-earning your discount like at every other store.

Frag & Ship Supplies

ReefCorner has a complete line of coral propagation and shipping supplies

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I really do like this new light. It makes the tank look better. The color seems more natural and balanced.
    A.D. NC
  • The coral came safe and sound and they are beautiful. Your coral pieces blow the doors off other I have purchased in the past.
    J.P. New York
  • We love our new CR180D lights, they work great!
    M. Oregon
  • Nice to see someone selling nice sized colonies at a reasonable price
    P.B. New York
  • Lights work awesome. Thanks again, I'll be making another purchase soon.
    B.M. Florida
  • Your coral pieces are beautiful.
    J.P. New York
  • Everything looked very nice and healthy.

    I also must say that your pics certainly gave perfect renditions of what i would be getting. I think i chose good ones that fit well in my scheme. They are all very attractive and top notch….
    A. D. North Carolina
  • We love how everything has sprung to life compared to the lights we were using. This light will also serve us well when we upgrade to a larger tank. Thanks again. Very happy with our purchase and service. Great product.
    J.P. Ohio

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