First shipment of Aussie Cultured Acropora Have Arrived In The USA!

by / Tuesday, 01 September 2015 / Published in ReefCorner Ramblings

I’m pleased to announce that we just received part of what we understand to be the very first shipment of cultured Acropora to arrive in the USA from Australia.

Until now, only wild collected Acropora were available, so this is a great step in the direction of sustainability for the Australian Acropora which are considered to be the best available in the world for both hardiness and ability to maintain great color in the home tank.

The average size is somewhere between a large size frag and a small Maricultured colony like you might see from Indonesia, averaging about 2″ tall.  There is a wide selection of species including Spathulata, Shortcake, Millepora, Tenuis and others with color ranging from good to excellent.

The coral are being acclimated as of Sept 1st and will start to go on sale in our web store over the next couple of days, so be on the lookout.

— Ken

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