I’m pleased to announce that we just received part of what we understand to be the very first shipment of cultured Acropora to arrive in the USA from Australia. Until now, only wild collected Acropora were available, so this is a great step in the direction of sustainability for the Australian Acropora which are considered

You see this all the time in the on-line forums.  People buy coral based on a brightly colored picture that they see on the internet and what they receive is a brown or dull colored frag or coral.  That may be a minor annoyance for a $20 frag and a major annoyance for a $200

Today’s entry explores one of my wife’s favorite corals – the Seriatopora hystrix, better known as the Birdsnest coral.  Perhaps it is because it is typically a girly pink color or perhaps it is the needle like sharp branches that catches her fancy, who knows. Fact is, it is also one of my own favorite

Where does ReefCorner get our corals?

Thursday, 26 March 2015 by

When we decided to start selling coral, what we specifically didn’t want to do was sell frags of the same 10-20 corals that we happened to have growing in our systems over and over while looking for new customers to sell them to.  We wanted to have a wide selection of corals that constantly changed

We currently have a nice selection of hard-to-find Strawberry Shortcake (Acropora microclados) colonies in stock.  We have had them for a couple of weeks and they are all very healthy and showing great color and polyp extension. Click on the pictures to go to that product page for more details.        

We just introduced our new Captive Reef Series CR19 Reef LED Light and CR19 Refugium LED light. They use an array of 12 x 3W LEDs which have been selected for their target application.   The CR19 Reef light has 19W of power with 4 Color Bands which have been selected for both good coral

CR108P 640x275

I wanted to let everyone know that we recently introduced our new Captive Reef Series CR108P Compact Auto Dimming Reef Light. We think the features, performance and price make it an extremely attractive solution for many reef tank setups. It has 108W of full spectrum LED lighting in a compact form factor that not only

CR120D Front

Our CR120D and CR120P lights have been very popular, but we have continued to look to further optimize the LED layout for best coral color and growth. Since we have our own coral growing and holding system which utilize many of our CR120, CR180 and CR38 PAR lights we have the ideal setup to evaluate