Announcing the CR19 PAR38 19W Reef and Refugium Lights

by / Wednesday, 10 December 2014 / Published in ReefCorner Ramblings

We just introduced our new Captive Reef Series CR19 Reef LED Light and CR19 Refugium LED light.

They use an array of 12 x 3W LEDs which have been selected for their target application.


The CR19 Reef light has 19W of power with 4 Color Bands which have been selected for both good coral growth and to reduce the color banding that can be a problem with PAR lights.  This is an excellent light for smaller tanks such as nanos.

(5) 14,000K Crisp White
(4) 460nm Blue
(2) 440nm Deep Blue
(1) 420nm Purple

PAR38 Reef LED Array

CR19 Reef Light LED Array


The CR19 Refugium Light has 19W of power with 3 Color Bands which have been selected to enhance plant growth for lighting of refugiums and mangroves.

(4) 6500K Daylight White
(4) 4500K Warm White
(4) 460nm Blue

PAR38 Refugium LED Array

CR19 Refugium Ligh LED Array

The lights are only $79 and as always there is free shipping on our lights.

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