Announcing the CR108P Compact 108W LED Reef Light

by / Tuesday, 04 November 2014 / Published in ReefCorner Ramblings
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I wanted to let everyone know that we recently introduced our new Captive Reef Series CR108P Compact Auto Dimming Reef Light. We think the features, performance and price make it an extremely attractive solution for many reef tank setups.

It has 108W of full spectrum LED lighting in a compact form factor that not only looks nice, but which facilitates a number of mounting options and allows them to work nicely on smaller tanks as well as using multiple units on larger tanks. Each light will cover up to 24″ of tank length.

It uses an array of 36 x 3W LEDs with lenses selectively applied to minimize hot spots or color fringing. The LED configuration has been optimized during testing over our own commercial coral tanks.

White Channel
(5) 20,000K Very Cool White (Lens)
(4) 14,000K Cool White (lens)
(2) 470nm Light Blue (lens)
(1) 495nm Cyan (no lens)
(1) 520nm Green (no lens)
(1) 580nm Yellow (no lens)
(2) 660nm Deep red (no lens)
(2) 380nm UV (no lens)

Blue Channel:
(2) 420nm Violet (lens)
(6) 440nm Deep Blue (lens)
(8) 460nm Royal Blue (lens)

Moon Channel:
(2) 440nm Deep Blue (no lens)

The sleek 15″L x 7″W x 1.8″H enclosure is made out of durable corrosion resistance black anodize aluminum extrusion. This allows the entire enclosure to be used as a heat sink for the LEDs.

It uses an external power supply which removes some of the heat from the light enclosure and allows it to be made more compact.

The touch control panel allows you to program the on/off times of the Blue, White and Moon channels separately. It also allows you to set 6 brightness levels on each of the 3 channel during the day which the light then smoothly ramps between. This allows you to simulate sunrise/sunset and the lunar cycle.

It comes with an adjustable wire hanger, but there are also options for small hangers to hang the lights inside of canopy hoods as well as tank mounts that allow you to mount the light directly to the rim of smaller tanks.

Mounting LED lights over tanks with canopys can be difficult. We designed a canopy hanger that screws directly into the wood of the canopy with as little as 4″ of space between the top of the light and the canopy.

Tank mounts fit tanks 18″ to 24″ across and are a great solution for smaller tanks. They include 4″ height extension pieces if you want the light mounted higher. We are also working on an option kit for 36″ and 48″ tanks to mount 2 lights across them.

The light with wire hanger is only $269 and as always there is free shipping on lights.

Find the full info on the light here.

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